Ceo, Manager

We deal with unpredictability levels, which pushes us an organization to behave in the different field with maximum flexibility towards change and the adoption of new habits.

The role of people and the appreciation of the human capital within the company are of paramount importance to the pursuance of our mission and to achieve success. 


E-Procurement global reference supplier of safety and military equipment and goods.

In the digital era, there’s no room for paper. All the proposals to the State in the defense and humanitarian sectors above five thousand Euros are processed in electronic procurement platforms.

EuroSafe is present in all electronic public procurement platforms in Portugal (Vortal, Acingov, Saphety Gov, AnoGov, Compras Públicas, ESPAP), as well as in international platforms such as ONU and NATO.


Our mission is to design, build, test, certify and produce tailor-made safety and military equipment on a large scale, aiming at the satisfaction and full compliance with the client’s technical requirements.

Focused on developing prototypes quickly, EuroSafe channels all its skills in the different fields so as to create textile and footwear products which fully comply with the client’s technical specifications and which are certified according to the usage standards of the target market (EN, NATO, STANAG, OSHA, NFPA).


  • Customer focus;
  • Oriented towards reaching objectives;
  • Competitive resilience;
  • Integrity, ethics & transparency;
  • Credibility;
  • Innovation and continuous improvement;
  • Appreciation of our collaborators;
  • Teamwork;
  • Creativity & Innovation;
  • Patronage in social welfare and sports organizations (Casa da Criança – Children’s House, Ílhavo Voluntary Fire Brigade, Vista Alegre Sports Club). 

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